Guitar Riff Gallery

Some guitar riffs made and played by me, because yes.
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This is a timeline with all the guitar riffs I've played, recorded, published and found through the internet. Most of these videos are published on my Instagram. There are many more lost out there, dating back all the way to 2007, but I doubt I'll find those.
Nonetheless, these are the ones I know are still around in modern social media and I wanted to have all of them here in a single place. At some point I might ask Instagram to give me these videos so I can host them myself and not be subject to losing the audio (like they did in many older ones I have).
June 2023
I've moved into a new home in June and got myself a new space to play that offers a bit more of privacy. These are the recordings I did in my new office.

The first one is a Sleep Token cover, the other two are authoral.

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May 2023
My girlfriend bought me a new 8 string guitar from Valravn (there is an article on this website about it). This was the first recording I did with it.

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March 2023
March was crazy. I wanted to make sure I had one recording in each one of my guitars, and so I did it.


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December 2022
First riff I've ever recorded using my Strandberg NX 7.

Used Archetype Rabea for the tones and Ableton Live to assemble everything together.

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October 2018 ~ November 2022
I was moving from Brazil to The Netherlands for my very first job abroad, so playing guitar at that moment became less of a priority.

During that period, I did got a few instruments.

The first one was an used Ukulele in mint condition for 50 EUR during my first month in Amsterdam, February 2018. This Ukulele now belongs to the daughter of one my dear friends here in The Netherlands. It provided me with moments of joy and peace during my first very lonely winter, and I hope it keeps doing so.

The second was an used acoustic guitar for 30 EUR I got in May 2018. This guitar stayed with me for a long time, but now it's with my friend Aline, as she was learning how to play guitar and that could help her out.

The third was a giveaway Squier that my friend Sebastian gave me, together with a Fender 15W Combo Amp. They all stayed with me for quite some time, but now this guitar is with my friend Richard, and the Combo Amp is now with my other friend Daniel.

The fourth was my Ibanez Art Core that I bought in 2020. It was COVID, and with the lockdown, I thought I deserved to get a nice guitar for myself. This one stays with me to this day.

All other guitars came from 2021 onwards, and you can see them in the videos above.

September 2017
A cute video recorded by my friend Leticia Nobrega while we were smoking weed at home back then. This is one of my most sentimental songs. It was painful to write but I still love the way it sounds to this day.

The guitar being used here was a brazilian acoustic guitar from a brand called Hofma. My friend Ricardo bought it for me as a way to pay for a computer I was selling back to him. This guitar is nowadays living with my father.

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February 2017
Quick clean melody I did on this Les Paul from SX that my father got out of nowhere. This guitar was good. Still lives with my father, as far as I know.

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November 2016
Een nog oude video of me improvising in my mom's house when visiting. My father has this amazing Fender Malibu acoustic that is small but mighty. I absolutely loved playing this guitar, a lot. Seems it now roams through Portugal with a Brazilian lady my father borrowed it for and never got back.

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April 2016
Old video of me playing Bring me the Horizon on a 6 string Yamaha I've got back then. Still using the first combo amp my father bought for me when I was 11 in this video. I didn't knew how to properly do pinch harmonics, so relied on artificial harmonics for that without even knowing it lol.

This guitar stayed with me up until 2018 and now lives with a good friend of mine in Brazil.

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