👋 Heya!

Armando, in the bar
Armando, in the bar
My name is Armando. You can find me around the internet as @armand1m (twitter, linkedin, github)
I'm a software developer living in Amsterdam :flag-nl:, originally from :flag-br:, and I like so many things
  • I enjoy what I do, and I love getting better at what I do.
  • Skateboarding makes me happier person.
  • Guitars and low tuned heavy riffs gives me shivers. Sleep Token, Loathe, Lorna Shore, Vildhjarta and Meshuggah have been making me very happy lately.
  • I spend way too much time building and talking about weird keyboards.
  • I have a thing for hazy beers. Take me to drink some nice double-dry-hopped beers and we'll become friends.
  • Amsterdam is an incredible place and I am extremely lucky to live here.
This is my digital garden, a place for me to share things that make me who I am.
You can use cmd + k to open spotlight and navigate through this website.
You can also check my old website, if you like to go back in time.