This is where I spend most of my time
This is where I spend most of my time

You probably want to take a look at my linkedin for contact and more details about my work life, so I'll keep this informal and short.



Ecosystem Platform and Reliability team: 01/2023 ~ Present

In 2023 I've joined the Ecosystems Platform and Reliability team as a Senior Software Engineer, again as a founding and only member of the EPR team in Amsterdam.

This team is part of the Partner Experiences organization at Netflix, which focuses on shipping Netflix on as many devices as possible to maximize the reach of Netflix to consumers.

The EPR team provides a platform that supports many programs within the Partner Experiences team that are meant to enable a smooth integration of Netflix into partner devices. As we integrate with more and more partners in different verticals, our needs for robust internal products to support these operations get more important than ever.

My main priority is to provide support to the Partner Engineers based in Amsterdam when dealing with platform services required during the certification and validation process of devices. We have an amazing ecosystem of tooling, that sometimes doesn't behave as expected and can be tricky. My job is to help bring some clarity when necessary to unblock our Partner Engineers in a timely manner.

As a second priority, I'm involved with the Touchstone project, an initiative to decomission old siloed applications and bring those experiences into one single platform that will power our next product for partners: PartnerConnect.

I've been getting involved with real time data migration tasks and validating the correctness of these migrations, and I'm looking forward to contributing to Touchstone even more on other areas.

I'm having a lot of fun working at Netflix and looking forward for more years ahead.

Studio Tech Solutions team: 02/2020 ~ 01/2023

I've worked at Netflix as a Senior Software Engineer in the Studio Tech Solutions team for almost 3 years, making it the longest tenure I've ever had in a team. I was the founding and only member of the STS team based in Amsterdam.

During my tenure at the STS team, I've worked mainly in building Genesis: a semantic data layer that powers operational reporting needs for Netflix Studios. Genesis powers more than 600 reports used by thousands of members of Netflix studios during the creation of great content.

I've created Genesis as a CLI back in 2020 when we had a tough time managing these reports and had a huge migration coming up. Having a semantic data layer helped us to create (and migrate) reports faster and more confidently.

Since then we had multiple migrations (scheduling platform, cli tooling, table schema changes, data source systems being replaced, etc) and having a semantic data layer allows us to align quicker with the fast changing pace of our data ecosystem.

Nowadays, Genesis is owned by a team called Operational Data Infrastructure, whom work on improving this tool from different perspectives: data availability, user experience, feature requests and maintenance.

I also won a hackday in March 2022, which was pretty fun!

I've used to work alone either from my home office or from the Amsterdam office, as the STS team is entirely based in the US.

Here is a picture of the Studio Tech Solutions team back when I joined in 2020:

My table at the Netflix Amsterdam office in 2022.
My table at the Netflix Amsterdam office in 2022.
The Studio Tech Solutions team together in LA back in Feb 2020 when I joined.
The Studio Tech Solutions team together in LA back in Feb 2020 when I joined.
Part of the STS team together in Los Gatos during an offsite in June 2022.
Part of the STS team together in Los Gatos during an offsite in June 2022.


One of the nicest jobs I've ever had. Loved the product, loved the people.

I've worked briefly at Framer for 4 months. While there, I've helped with bug fixes, features and performance improvements on Framer Web.

I've helped migrating Framer Web to use a new static assets service instead of the node filesystem without customers noticing any issues. I've also discovered a critical vulnerability in Framer Web that allowed for remote command execution on our servers using Webpack Inline Loaders directly through the built-in code editor.

My last accomplishment was spreading awareness about this vulnerability and making sure it was prioritized and fixed by the Build Server team.

I loved the product and loved working at Framer. Learned a lot in 4 months and would have learned even more had I stayed a few more years.

My table at Framer office in 2019
My table at Framer office in 2019


This job changed my life as a whole, and as a bonus, I've met some of my best friends here.

Relocated from Vila Velha :flag-br: to beautiful Amsterdam :flag-nl: to work at Travix back in 2018.

I've spent almost 2 years at Travix, from 02/2018 ~ 10/2019, and worked in many different teams around their main 5 websites.

I've worked for months in the Backoffice team, dealing with things like flight global distribution systems, and making sure our systems would fulfill orders for flight tickets.

Shortly afterwards, I've moved to build the very first UI team for the Payments team. We've implemented some cool stuff like a bunch of alternative payment methods (Klarna, Sofort, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc), adapted our UI to use an async based payment flow, and ran many A/B tests.

Close to the end of my tenure, I moved into a greenfield team called Experimentation Team, where we've built the foundation services to enable server-side experimentation and bucketing of A/B features. This allowed Travix backend teams to run complete server-side experiments without the help of UI engineers.

Besides my main tasks at Travix, I've also built internal tooling for developers, such as a Release Management application that became our defacto release notification tool for our main product, and many utilities for dealing with flaky end-to-end pipelines.

My table at Travix office in 2019
My table at Travix office in 2019
The Payments team back in 2019, when we went to Iasi in Romania for a team offsite. Jevgeni is taking the picture.
The Payments team back in 2019, when we went to Iasi in Romania for a team offsite. Jevgeni is taking the picture.


Before aaaalllll that, I've worked in different industries while in Brazil: Healthcare, ECommerce, Administration, Water Management, Forest Management, POS systems and Open Source.

Most of these jobs were done as a contractor from some kind of software house. I did plenty of backend work during this time, both in java and dotnet.

I've also bootstrapped and ran a small software consultancy company called Fluxor for ~1.5 years back then together with Guilherme Kammsetzer and Breno Poloni. We ended up with a lot of ecommerce work and our major client back then was High Company, a well-established global street-wear company based in Vitoria.

Nice words

I was lucky enough to work with a good bunch of amazing people that set the bar very high for me and made me want to become one of these amazing people. These are some words that help me think I've been doing a good job in that regard.

Armando is simply brilliant. A legitimate case of someone who was born to do what he does, Armando is a professional who breathes and lives the universe of development, he is an extremely qualified professional with whom I had the pleasure of working together.

I strongly recommend Armando because I really believe that there are few people with his skill, ability and potential, he has also strong qualities in communication, development of ideas and teamwork. I'm sure he's able to add wherever he is, even in the most difficult projects and challenges. Hope we can meet professionally in the future again

Breno Poloni

eCommerce Performance Analyst

Armando is one of the most passionate developers I've ever met. He is always digging in new trends, providing insightful comments and innovative solutions to the daily challenges one encounters in development. He's the kind of developer that, whenever he encounters a problem, he builds a solution instead of complaining about it.

Enrique Ramírez Vélez

Senior Frontend Developer

Armando is very good in explaining technical details in simple words, in a way that even a baby can understand how it works! It’s usually possible only if the person understands the topic very deeply. He’s a passionate engineer constantly expanding the range of his expertise and ready to help you anytime, which makes him a perfect team player.

Yuri Drabik

Solutions Architect

I have never seen a person with such a huge interest in IT like Armando. Having a can-do mentality, Armando proactively takes a lot of responsibilities, solves many complicated challenges, helps his colleagues and fully enjoys the entire process at the same time. If you need some boost of motivation - Armando can explain things with energy, joy & excitement like no other. This is what you call high IQ and high EQ combination in action! I'm totally recommending Armando as a great developer, leader, mentor and team-player! 👏

Jevgeni Rumjantsev

Senior Software Engineer

Armando is fearless while developing web applications. He can easily navigate from Front End to designing APIs, optimizing the CI, and back to Front End by the end of the week. His name was always appearing on the company monthly event either by delivering amazing features or by coding scripts or tools that helped the whole engineering team. He is a great team player and I definitely recommend his work.

Leandro Oriente

Staff Frontend Developer